Any Data Source Can Be Your Mailing List

Use any data source as your email marketing list. Generate a CSV or Excel file of your target audience information and use it as the source for your customized and personalized email campaign. Virtually any ERP, accounting, CRM, spreadsheet or other address book applications such as Outlook can be used as your source.

No need to upload your data, so it is always securely stored within your system. Use any exported fields to personalize your messages. Email templates, created with our advanced online editor, allow you to prepare professional grade messages, quickly and easily.

Comprehensive And Robust Capabilities Make The Difference To Your Campaigns

Go "beyond the click" and monitor the web pages visited on your site from each campaign. Whether recipients return days, weeks or even months later, you will know who is showing interest each step of the way. One click call to action features to send literature or register for an event further engage your audience and automate a timely response. Accelerate your sales follow-up process with email and text message alerts instantly sent to designated recipients at your company. Timely follow-up makes all the difference as new business opportunities are identified.


Analytics accessed from dashboards and reporting provide actionable information across all your campaigns. Reports can also be automatically delivered by email at the frequency and to the recipients you designate. 

Using the Alert2Know email and web site marketing technology provides you the following key benefits:

Your email list stays behind your firewall. There is no need to upload and keep anything updated on servers.

2Build Impactful Email Messages With Ease
Use a gallery of 700+ professional grade email templates to help you get started with your campaign message. Upload and store your own images and use the included graphics editor to enhance your visuals.

3Email Integrity That Gets You Delivered
Email delivery capabilities, provided by our relay partner, Unified Email, allows you to leverage their relay servers and established reputation to help get you into the inbox.

4Advanced Tracking Capabilities
See who is interested in "real time".  A hyperlink can generate an email or text message alert to those in your organization who can follow-up. Recipients can receive literature, register for an event or request a phone call . . . all with a single click.

5Beyond The Click ... Web Site Visitor Tracking
Measure interest in your products and/or services and prioritize opportunities by monitoring email recipient initial and return visits to your web site. See which video or document download your web site visitors access in real time.

6Instant Alerts To Those Who Care
Engage your sales team and others who need to know! Response to hyperlinks inserted in your email messages generate immediate email or text message alert notifications to those you designate.

7Call To Action
Increase response rates to your email campaigns by applying one click "call to action" hyperlinks. Remove the burden on recipients to complete forms. A single click in your message triggers literature fulfillment, event registrations and call back requests.